๐‘„‡๐‘„ง๐‘„™ ๐‘„—๐‘„ช๐‘„›๐‘„ด ๐‘„ป

1. ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ง๐‘„‡๐‘„ด๐‘„ˆ๐‘„ง๐‘„ข๐‘„ด (Akkhar)= Foolproof/ เฆ…เฆฌเงเฆฏเฆฐเงเฆฅ
2. ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ง๐‘„‡๐‘„ง๐‘„™ (akadhaa)= abuse/ เฆ—เฆพเฆฒเฆฟ
3. ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ง๐‘„‡๐‘„ด๐‘„—๐‘„ง (aktha)= time; proper time/ เฆธเฆฎเงŸ; เฆฏเฆฅเฆพเฆธเฆฎเงŸ
4. ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ง๐‘„‡๐‘„ด๐‘„ฌ๐‘„— ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ง๐‘„‡๐‘„ด๐‘„ฌ๐‘„— (akthe akthe)= occasionally/ เฆฎเฆพเฆเง‡เฆฎเฆงเงเฆฏเง‡
5. ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ง๐‘„‡๐‘„๐‘„ฌ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„ด๐‘„ณ๐‘„ก (akabalye)= unlucky/ เฆฆเงเฆฐเงเฆญเฆพเฆ—เฆพ
6. ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ง๐‘„‡๐‘„ด๐‘„ฅ (aksaa)= swollen/ เฆธเงเฆซเง€เฆค
7. ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ง๐‘„‡๐‘„ด๐‘„ฅ ๐‘„ฆ๐‘„ง๐‘„š (aksaa ahnaa)= swell; expand/ เฆธเงเฆซเง€เฆค เฆนเฆคเงเฆคเฆฏเฆผเฆพ; เฆฌเฆฟเฆธเงเฆคเงƒเฆค เฆ•เฆฐเฆพ
8. ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ง๐‘„‡๐‘„ด๐‘„ฅ ๐‘„ฌ๐‘„˜๐‘„Œ๐‘„ด (Aksaa dech)= Myanmar/ เฆฎเฆพเงŸเฆพเฆจเฆฎเฆพเฆฐ (เฆฌเฆพเฆฐเงเฆฎเฆพ)
9. ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ง๐‘„‡๐‘„Ÿ๐‘„ด (akaam)= misdeed/ เฆ…เฆชเฆ•เฆฐเงเฆฎ
10. ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ง๐‘„‡๐‘„Ÿ๐‘„ง๐‘„ข๐‘„ด (akaamar)= worthless/ เฆ…เฆ•เฆพเฆœเง‡เฆฐ
11. ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ง๐‘„‡๐‘„ฃ๐‘„ด (akaal)= inauspicious time/ เฆ…เฆ•เฆพเฆฒ
12. ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ง๐‘„‡๐‘„ข๐‘„ง๐‘„š๐‘„ด (akaaran)= causeless/ เฆ…เฆ•เฆพเฆฐเฆฃ
13. ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ง๐‘„‡๐‘„๐‘„จ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„ด (akaabil)= unskilled/ เฆ…เฆฆเฆ•เงเฆท
14. ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ง๐‘„‡๐‘„ฌ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„ด๐‘„ณ๐‘„ก (akalye)= untimely/ เฆ…เฆธเฆฎเฆฏเฆผเง‡
15. ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ง๐‘„‡๐‘„ฌ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„ด๐‘„ณ๐‘„ก ๐‘„๐‘„ช๐‘„ข๐‘„ฎ๐‘„ฆ๐‘„ด (akaalye buroh)= premature/ เฆฌเฆพเฆฒเฆชเงเฆฐเงŒเง
16. ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ง๐‘„‡๐‘„ช๐‘„ฃ๐‘„ด (akul)= shoreless/ เฆ…เฆ•เง‚เฆฒ
17. ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ง๐‘„‰๐‘„ง๐‘„Ÿ๐‘„š๐‘„ด (agamaan)= dishonor/ เฆ…เฆชเฆฎเฆพเฆจ


1. ๐‘„ฆ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„ง๐‘„Œ๐‘„ด ๐‘„ฆ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„ง๐‘„Œ๐‘„ด๐‘„ณ๐‘„ก (Hlawch hlawchya)=pawktu; luduk; tawruno (huji guro aa eil sakpat, guloguli’r poyden’e larchar ohy) – Sakkani ekkere ‘Hlawch hlawchya’.

2. ๐‘„ฆ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„‹๐‘„ด๐‘„ฆ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„‹๐‘„ด๐‘„ณ๐‘„ก (Hlanghlangya)=langtha langtha; chhara chhara; -(a) lawng penno hughenei, haf pennoloy iju Hlanghlangya pangotthe. (b) Ghawraw girojsun hudu zeyon? tara ghawran iju Hlanghlangya pangawtte.

3. ๐‘„ฆ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„ญ ๐‘„ฆ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„ญ (Hlay Hlay)=Nichide; Dawrchide{} chhara.

4. ๐‘„ฆ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„ช๐‘„‹๐‘„š /๐‘„ฆ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„ช๐‘„Ÿ๐‘„š (Hlungana/Hluman)=reach.

5. ๐‘„ฆ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„ช๐‘„™๐‘„จ๐‘„‡๐‘„ด (Hludhik)=Ludhi; -Buro awhle Hludhik dhawra pawre.

6. ๐‘„ฆ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„ช๐‘„™๐‘„ด๐‘„ณ๐‘„ก (Hludhya)=Pawktha mhoktha; Luduk; Heye dangawr.

7. ๐‘„ฌ๐‘„ฆ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฃ ๐‘„‰๐‘„ง๐‘„ข๐‘„š (Hle gawrana)=Sunana; Ijire pana; ratti gaawrana.

8. ๐‘„ฌ๐‘„ฆ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„Œ๐‘„ด๐‘„ฌ๐‘„ฆ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„Œ๐‘„ด๐‘„ณ๐‘„ก (Hlechhlechya)=Chudho; Chidhe. -Bennye tibin vat no hang, pet purette ekke pet Hlechhlechye ohyong.

9. ๐‘„ฌ๐‘„ฆ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„›๐‘„ด๐‘„ฌ๐‘„ฆ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„ž๐‘„จ (Hlevhlevi)=Bukkho tawle aa pettho ugure nawrawm Ahr; ek babodor panye her.

10. ๐‘„ฌ๐‘„ฆ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„ž๐‘„š (Hlevana)=ane ane honohichchut agun bajahnah. Touch.

11. ๐‘„ฌ๐‘„ฆ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„ฌ๐‘„ž๐‘„ญ ๐‘„ฌ๐‘„˜๐‘„š (Hlevey dena)=Hattye dena; Bojong hamot uchchoni tuli dena.

12. ๐‘„ฌ๐‘„ฆ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„›๐‘„ด ๐‘„ฌ๐‘„ฆ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„๐‘„š (Hlephlebana)=Jil babhey babhey honohichchu hana (bej gori goru, chagol iyani).


1. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„ (Sawng)=soman

2. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„๐‘„‡๐‘„ช๐‘„ฃ๐‘„ด๐‘„ณ๐‘„ก (Sawnghullya)=soman soman gori.

3. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„ ๐‘„›๐‘„ง๐‘„ข๐‘„š (Sawng pawrana)=milana; Hodhay-hame aa alhyege mil ohna

4. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„ ๐‘„œ๐‘„ณ๐‘„…๐‘„ง๐‘„ข๐‘„ด (Sawng for)=pegho chho’r uripare para doro aa buro for.

5. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„ ๐‘„ž๐‘„‡๐‘„ด (Sawng vak)=soman vak; te oddhek te oddhek.

6. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„ ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„Ÿ๐‘„Œ๐‘„ด๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ก (Sawng sawmachsya)=soman Bonattya(friendship). Bawn=friend.

7. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„ ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„Ÿ๐‘„ฌ๐‘„ข (Sawng sawmare)=Ek loghe.

8. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„‡๐‘„ด (Sawk)=habar Ghinana.

9. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„‡๐‘„ด๐‘„ฌ๐‘„‡/๐‘„ฌ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„‡๐‘„ด๐‘„ฌ๐‘„‡ (Sawkke/Sekke)=se oktot; se somoy.

10. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„‰๐‘„š (Swagana)=hanat ghinana(Ghin jormana)

11. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„Œ๐‘„ด (Sawch)=jhuguluk

12. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„Ž๐‘„ง๐‘„š๐‘„ด (Sawjawn)=Jegodi jamei. (Lawbawy=Sali Jamei)

13. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„Œ๐‘„ด๐‘„›๐‘„ง๐‘„˜๐‘„ง๐‘„ข๐‘„ด (Sawchpawdawr)=hono hichchu ham goribar zukkolahttyar.

14. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„๐‘„š (Sawjhana)=boyeror helani raw; Sap, Baghor ghongani.

15. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„–๐‘„ด (Sawt{d})=Nada 100; gom-lokki; heyet pire, sunjhuk meit panah.

16. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„ข๐‘„ด๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„ข๐‘„š๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฆ (Sawrsawranah)=jharot hono hichchur berana, ahdhana raw.

17. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„ข๐‘„ด๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„Œ๐‘„ด๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ก (Sawrsawchsya)=Boyar, pani zei paribar Fhor ohya Dhur.

18. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„ฌ๐‘„–๐‘„ด (Sawtte)=Hodha ruchyal. ze’n- chuorawt SAWTTE si jeim vangi dimbe.

19. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„˜๐‘„ง๐‘„ข๐‘„ด (Sawdawr)=Ghonattya. (SAWDAWR vei)

20. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„š (Sawna)=sona; Gold

21. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„š๐‘„–๐‘„ง๐‘„ด๐‘„ฃ (Sawnattawla)=ekbabodor jharbuo Daru.

22. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„ฌ๐‘„š (Sawne)=harone. ze’n- Fora’buo SAWNE jawr udilo.

23. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„›๐‘„ด๐‘„›๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฆ๐‘„š๐‘„ด (Sawpphan)=zokke pay; bek hittyet.

24. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„๐‘„ง๐‘„ฌ๐‘„ข (Sawbawre)=bennya pottya; jhadi-madhi.

25. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„ž๐‘„ญ (Sawvay)=ekkayo; modhey. (totally)

26. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„๐‘„ง๐‘„–๐‘„ด (Sawbawt)=Somok; hobul; sottyo hiriya.

27. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„Ÿ๐‘„ง๐‘„–๐‘„ด (Sawmawt)=sumuttua. ze’n- Te SAWMAWT ek loghe zebong.

28. ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ง๐‘„Ÿ๐‘„ง๐‘„–๐‘„ด (Sawmawt{d})=Manse dagile uhvot dhorana.


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